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Jeremy Jackson
|     Jan 5, 2018
NW 3431
|     New Westminster
Ray Bradbury: "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture, just get people to stop reading them."

Definitions - click this link to go to a page containing all the definitions you will need to know for the course.

Images - click this link to see the "explain this to someone image" and this link to see the "models" image.

The Normal Distribution - click this link to see a short introductory reading about the normal distribution.


Help With Selected Topics Videos: These explanations are given in class. If you need extra information, watch these videos.

Probability Functions Video


Probability Density Functions Video



Quiz Games to get you Started. (Note: doing well on these games is not complete preparation for course tests)

Test Yourself on Summation Notation


Test Yourself on Basic Distributions and Variables


Test Yourself on Central Tendency and Variability


Test Yourself on Standard Scores


Test Yourself on Theoretical Distributions


Test Yourself on The Normal Distribution


Test Yourself on Sampling Distributions


Test Yourself on The Sampling Distribution of The Mean


Test Yourself on Hypothesis Testing


Test Yourself on Alpha, Beta and Power


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