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Welcome to the website of Dr Jeremy Jackson. This website contains course materials, research papers and commentary on various research interests of Dr Jackson. Feel free to email Dr Jackson about the contents of this website at jacksonj@douglascollege.ca. Thank you for using drjackson.ca.

Jeremy Jackson

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Publications and Research Interests....
Jeremy Jackson
|     Jan 5, 2020
NW 3428
|     New Westminster
Jeremy Jackson: "In some areas of psychology, metaphysics masquerades as science"

Selected Publications.....

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Jackson, J. S. H. (2010). Metaphysics masquerading as science. The Canadian Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(1), 56-84.

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Jackson, J. S. H., et al (2000). A decision analysis of the effect of avoiding axillary lymph node dissection in low risk women with invasive breast carcinoma. Cancer, 88(8), 1852-1862.
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Maraun, M., Jackson, J. S. H., et al (1998). CA and SPOD for the analysis of tests comprised of binary items. Journal of Educational and Psychological Measurement, 58(6), 916-928.
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Jackson, J. S. H., & Maraun, M. (1996). Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must remain silent. Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, 21, 115-118.
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Jackson, J. S. H., & Maraun, M. (1996). The conceptual validity of empirical scale construction: the case of the Sensation Seeking Scale. Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, 21, 103-110.
Useful Teaching Links.....

Statistics Links:

1) The Covariance

2) The Pearson r

3) Correlation vs Causation, effect size, Cohen's d, Pearson r, R squared

4) Standard Scores - Z scores

5) Conditional Distributions

6) Probability Functions (watch first) and Probability Density Functions

7) The AAD Technical and The AAD Representational

8) The Logic of Hypothesis Testing and The Problem with the Logic of Hypothesis Testing

9) Regression One, Regression Two, Regression Three, Regression Four

10) PCA One, PCA Two, PCA Three, PCA Four (Real World Example), PCA Five (Real World Example Continued), PCA Six (Real World Example Continued)

11) Randomly Sampling From a Normal Distribution in SPSS

12) Randomly Sampling From a Normal Distribution in Excel

13) Linear Transformations (Z, IQ, t) Using ExcelStat

14) Multiple Regression One, Multiple Regression Two, Multiple Regression Three

15) Regression Models For Exponential Growth, Growth Models For Estimating COVID Death Rate, Making Predictions With Growth Models, Making COVID Deaths Predcitions in The USA

16) Where is Hypothesis Testing in The COVID Problem?

Methods Links:

1) Validity

2) Classification of Research Methods

SPSS Links:

1) Introduction to SPSS

2) Recode, Compute, IF, Random Variable, Select If, Merge Files, Split File, Annual data, Gini data

Misuses of Methodological Language:

1) Are IQ Scores Normally Distributed

2) Are Z Scores Normally Distributed

3) Does random assignment of subjects to conditions equate groups on subject variables

4) What is a Null Hypothesis?

5) What is a Population?


Interesting Methods Videos:

1) The First Principle of Science

2) Factor Analysis and The Structure of Personality

3) We Are Not as Good at Prediction As We Think

4) Making The Case More Effectively

5) Is COVID Serious?

6) How To Begin An Analysis of Real-World Data

7) Why the Randomized Trial is Not The Gold Standard for Evaluating The Efficacy of Masks (or any other intervention)

8) Why Public Health Messages Are Not Scientific


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