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Welcome to Research Methods in Psychology. From this page you can access all the information you will need to complete the course. Links are available to course lecture templates, selected lecture notes, readings, learning objectives, and instructor contact information. I hope you enjoy the course. Jeremy Jackson
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The Course Syllabus......
Jeremy Jackson
|     May 9, 2022
|     New Westminster
Thomas Edison: "Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something"

Instructor Contact Information

Email: Use the "Mail" function in the main menu on Blackboard.

Email Availability: Please ask substantive questions on Blackboard. Email me for emergencies or issues that can not be adressed on the discussion board in Blackboard.

Office hours: Available on Blackboard Colllaborate Wednesday between 10 am and 5 pm. Book times on Blackboard.

Office number: N/A.

Text: Jahngiani, R.S. et al (2020). Research Methods in Psychology. (4th Ed.) Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Link here.

Email Requirements : All emails should include: 1) Your name, student number and the number of the course you are enrolled in, 2) A salutation such as "Hello Dr Jackson....", 3) An appropriate ending to the email thanking the person for their time in considering your request. For emails about grades, consult this.

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to teach students basic knowledge of research methods, data analysis and statistics. Students will gain sufficient familiarity with research methods to conduct their own experiment, analyze the data deriving from the experiment and report the results in written form. Many forms of research methods including philosophy of science, research design, data analysis, statistics and measurement will be covered. By the end of the course, students should be able to conduct an analysis of data generated in a survey or experiment and give a presentation of the results of the analysis.

In addition to covering practical issues faced in the analysis of data, the course also covers basic issues in hypothesis testing and psychological measurement that are not usually addressed in undergraduate statistics courses.

How Does The Course Work

In the course there will be 1 midterm exam worth 25% of the course grade and 1 final exam worth 30% of the course grade. Students will have 45 minutes ON BLACKBOARD to complete each exam. The exams will consist of multiple choice questions.

All exams are to be completed Online. ONLY MEDICAL extensions are accepted for exams. Supporting medical documentation must be provided for a missed exam, before the start of the exam.

There is one research project assignment in the course. This is the major teaching component of the course. By doing their own research project, students will learn to apply the principles of research methods to a real experiment. Students are expected to open and manage their own project thread on Blackboard in which they will develop, propose and maintain a dailogue with the instructor about their project. This thread will receive 20% of the course grade and the final project paper will receive 25% of the course grade.

There is also a video to watch called "The Rules". There is a 10 question multiple choice quiz on this video. A 2.5% bonus mark will be given for this test.

Finally, there is also a video called "How The Course Works" here that should be watched as a guide to helping you navigate through the course and understand what will be expected of you in the course. There is a 10 question multiple choice quiz on this video as well.

Week 1 - May 9

Introduction to the course. Description of course software/materials for the course. Introduction to the course objectives and subject matter.

Watch these videos: How The Course Works, The Rules.

The "How the Course Works" and "The Rules"quiz. Complete on Blackboard before the end of week 2 of the course. 2.5% bonus for "The Rules" quiz.


Week 2 - May 16

Lectures: Lecture 1

Text: The Science of Psychology, Overview of The Scientific Method


Week 3 - May 23

Lectures: Lecture 2

Text: Experimental Research


Week 4 - May 30

Lectures: Lecture 3

Text: Factorial Designs

Week 5 - June 6

Lectures: Lecture 4

Text: Presenting Your Research

Project: Project discussion board thread must be established by June 8th.

Week 6 - June 13

Lectures: None

Text: None

First Exam - 30 multiple choice. To be written on Wednesday June 15th any time between 11 am and 7:30 pm.

Week 7 - June 20

Lectures: Validity

Text: Psychological Measurement

Week 8 - June 27

Lectures: Lecture 6

Text: Non-Experimental Research

Week 9- July 4

Lectures: Lecture 7

Text: Survey Research

Week10 - July 11

Lectures: Lecture 8

Text: Quasi-Experimental Research

Project approval, July 13th.

Week 11 - July 18

Lectures: Lecture 9

Text: Data Analysis

Week 12 - July 25

Lectures: Lecture 10

Text: Inferrential Statistics

Second Exam - 30 multiple choice. To be written on Wednesday July 27th any time between 10 am and 6 pm.

Week 13 - Aug 1

Lectures: Analyzing your data in SPSS

Text: None

Week 14 - Aug 8

Final Project Due on Blackboard, Monday Aug 8th. No extensions granted.

Academic Dishonesty - Plagiarism & Cheating

Cheating , which includes plagiarism, occurs where a student or group of students uses or attempts to use unauthorized aids, assistance, materials or methods. Cheating is a serious educational offense.

Plagiarism occurs where the student represents the work of another person as his or her own. Douglas College condemns all forms of cheating.

The college will discipline students found to be cheating. Discipline may include:

1. a grade of zero may be awarded for the affected assignment, test, paper, analysis, etc.;

2. a failing grade may be assigned in the affected course;

3. referral to the College President for the assignment of discipline, which may include suspension from the college.

Test Policy

All tests are to be completed ONLINE. ONLY MEDICAL extensions given prior to the assessment are accepted for quizzes, exercises and assignments. Supporting medical documentation must be provided for a missed quiz.

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