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Lecture 1 Survery of Current Views....
Jeremy Jackson
|     May 6, 2014
NW 3431
|     New Westminster
Michael Chricton: "I am certain there is too much certainty in the world."

1) Are memories in the brain?      Yes        No


2) On a scale of 1-7 (with 7 being very sure and 1 being very unsure), how confident are you of your answer to question 1 above?

1        2        3        4       5        6        7


3) Psychology is a science:     Yes         No

4) ADHD is an illness:     Yes         No

5) Intelligence is measured by IQ tests:     Yes         No

6) Mental phenomena are all brain phenomena:     Yes         No

7) Psychology is the study of the __________ (Circle one):

mind     mind & brain   mind & behavior     brain & behavior     mind, behavior & brain

8) What beauty is to you is different than what beauty is to me:     True         False

9) Psychologists know what depression is:     Yes        No         Not yet

10) Santa Clause exists:      True         False



Pleese go to the following link to take the survey online: Critical Issues Survey



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