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Week 2 Summary......
Jeremy Jackson
|   NW 3431
In class
|    Tues 6:30-9:20
Robert Pirsig: "The only Zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there."


Metaphysics - What is the nature of reality? Why is it relevant to psychology?

Epistemology - What is the nature of knowledge?

Socrates - Inductive definition

Plato - Allegory of the Cave.

Aristotle - Nature of the Soul.


Epistemological Theories

Empiricism - Knowledge derives from observation.

Rationalism - Knowledge derives from logic and reason.

Phenominalism - Perception is the only reality....to be is to be perceived.

Pragmatism - What is true or knowable is only what works.

Relativism - Truth is in a constant state of flux.


Next Week: Philosophy of Science

Theory dependence of observation - Kuhn

Falsifiability - Popper

Social Constructivism - There is no ultimate truth for science to discover.

Mechanism, determinism, reductionism - presuppositions about how the world works upon which science is founded.

Ockhams's razor - The simpler the explanation, the better it is.