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Lecture 7 Summary......
Jeremy Jackson
|   NW 3431
In Person
|   Tues 6:30-9:20
Depak Chopra: "To think is to practice brain chemistry."

Quick Debrief of the Watson MacDougall Debate

What's the basic lesson here?

What actually happened in psychology during the behaviourist period?

When did behaviorism really end?


The End of Behaviorism

Why did it end? Was MacDougall right?

Tolman and mental maps

Limitations of the behaviourist framework....do what want to know what consumers buy or why they buy it?

Philosophy of science considerations

Economic considerations


Ulric Neisser and the Early Days of Cognitive Psychology

The ressurection of consciousness - Neisser's contribution

Tha new analogy for consciousness

Were programs in the mind discovered or invented? What is short memeory, what really is it? How is it related to the mental element?

Analogies of the mind - the soul, the mind, consciousness and cognition.

What's the NEW analogy?


In Introduction to Construct Validity Theory

What is a construct? Constructs vs operational defintions.

Types of validity - construct vs criterion validity

The nomological network

The relationship between the logic of construct validity and inductive definition.