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Lecture 5 Summary......
Jeremy Jackson
|   NW 3431
In Person
|    Tues 6:30-9:20
B. F. Skinner: "The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do."


Pavlov - Dr Snarsky and psychic reflexes, Pavlov's great linguistic contribution

Watson - The rejection of the mind as a subject of scientific inquiry, Little Albert, classical conditioning

Skinner - Operant conditioning, superstition in the pigeon




The role of meaning in science - a matter of discovery?

What matters about meaning - meaning must be clear, public, shared and unique.

The consequences of improper definition

The International Astronomical Union - what is a planet? What do schoolmasters have to do with this?

Operational concepts in psychology - IQ, g.

What is IQ, and what is inteligence...the correct answer....from an operationist point of view!



Direct observability - the implicit attitude and unconscious bias, the mental element, visio-spatial sketch-pad's.

The relationship between positivism and operationism

Are we operations/positivists in psychology today? NO!

The relationship between operationism/positivism and behaviorism