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Week 3 Summary......
Jeremy Jackson
|   NW 3431
In person
|     Tues 6:30-9:20
John F Kennedy: "The human mind is our fundamental resource."

Philosophy of Science, Con't

Theory dependence of observation - Kuhn

Falsifiability - Popper

Social Constructivism - All reality is socially constructed. There is no independently existing objective reality.

Post-modernism and Relativism - The denial of objective reality, moral ascendency, reason, logic, human nature, etc.

Mechanism, determinism, reductionism - presuppositions about how the world works upon which science is founded.

Cargo Cult Science - Feynman


The Mind-Body Problem

The Mills - the mind as a machine

Descartes - Cartesian Dualism

Dualism - Substance dualism, property dualism, predicate dualism

Monism - physicalism, idealism, reductive materialism, eliminativist materialism

The meriological fallacy - ascribing attributes of the whole to parts of the whole





Weber's law