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Jeremy Jackson
|     Jan 7, 2016
NW 3431
|     New Westminster
Ray Bradbury: "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture, just get people to stop reading them."

Lecture 1



Lecture 2

Text: Spss basics user guide, XLSTAT user guide

Lecture 3

Text: Hypothesis testing, APA task force on statistical inference, Cohen (1994).

Note: The APA "task force on statistical inference" paper is not testable material. It is included for your own interest. All students going on in psychology should read the paper.

Lecture 4:

Videos: Excel introducton, SPSS introducton, Recoding a variable in SPSS

Text: Data processing


Lecture 5

Videos: Descriptive statistics in SPSS, Correlation in SPSS,Calculating distance in XLSTAT


Lecture 6

Videos: PCA 1 , PCA 2, PCA 3, PCA 4, PCA 5, PCA 6

Text: Principal Components Analysis


Lecture 7

Videos: Multiple regression 1, Multiple regression 2, Multiple regression 3

Text: Multiple regression


Lecture 8

Videos: ANOVA 1, ANOVA 2, ANOVA 3



Lecture 9

Videos: MDS 1, MDS 2, MDS 3

Text: MDS


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