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Lecture 8 Summary.
Instructor:  Jeremy Jackson   |    Jan 4, 2017

Location:    NW 3412    |   Blackboard
William Shakespere: "Listen to many, speak to a few"


Analyzing Experimental Data is SPSS and XLSTAT

Dependent groups t-test

Independent groups t-test

Measures of effect size: Pearson r, Cohen's d


Between Subjects One-Way ANOVA in SPSS

The ANOVA model: sum of squares types

Omnibus test vs Contrasts

Familywise error rates, per-comparison error rates, Bonferroni and others.

Effect size: Eta Squared


Repeated Measures One-Way ANOVA in SPSS


Between Subjects Two-Way ANOVA in SPSS

Main effects tests, interaction effects tests

Omnibus test vs Contrasts

Effect size: Eta Squared





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