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Lecture 5 Summary.
Instructor:  Jeremy Jackson   |    Jan 4, 2017

Location:    NW 3412    |   Blackboard
William Shakespere: "Listen to many, speak to a few"


Introduction to XLSTAT and SPSS

Introduction to XLSTAT: basic functionality and data management

Introduction to SPSS: basic functionality and data management

Transformations in XLSTAT

Transformations in SPSS: SPSS batch syntax files, SPSS recode and compute commands


Univariate Data Analysis in XLSTAT and SPSS

Frequency distributions, histograms, conditional distributions, etc.

SPSS split file command

SPSS vs XLSTAT output


Mulivariate Data Analysis in XLSTAT (XLSTAT Only)

Euclidian distance: variable space and subject space.

Correlation matricies: correlation between variables, correlation between people.

Non-metric MDS


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